Date: 16 May 2013 Morning                                                                                                            HALL:  Yakut
Keynote Speech                                                                                         Session Chairs: Jian-Xin Shen/Hector Zelaya De La Parra
8:00-8:45 Real Time Position Estimation for Induction Motors using Rotor Slot Harmonics
Professor H. Bülent Ertan, Turkey
8:45-9:30 Power Line Communications: a Technology for the Smart Grid
Professor Andrea M. Tonello, Italy
9:30-10:00 COFFEE BREAK
Keynote Speech                                                                                         Session Chairs: Andrea M. Tonello/H. Bülent Ertan
10:00-10:45 Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machines Topologies, Analysis and Optimization
Professor Jian-Xin Shen, China
Invited Speech                                                                                         Session Chairs: Andrea M. Tonello/H. Bülent Ertan
10:45-11:30 Grid Connected Converters
Dr. Hector Zelaya De La Parra, ABB Company-Sweden
12:00-13:00 LUNCH BREAK
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Mercan-A
Electrical Machines and Drives                                                                                 Session Chairs: Stiaan Gerber/Riza Gurbuz
13:00-13:20 ID: 312 Comparative Performance Evaluation of FOC and DTC Controlled PMSM Drives
Fatih Korkmaz, İsmail Topaloğlu, Musa Faruk Çakır, Rıza Gürbüz
13:20-13:40 ID: 314 An Adaptive PI Controller Schema Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller for Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Emre Çelik, Nihat Öztürk, Adem Dalcalı, Rıdvan Canbaz
13:40-14:00 ID: 318 New Direct Torque Control Scheme for PMSM with on-line Stator Resistance Tuning
Kada Hartani, M’hamed Sekour, Azeddine Draou
14:00-14:20 ID: 360 Discrimination of Stator Winding Turn Fault and Unbalanced Supply Voltage in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using ANN
Shady Khalil, Haitham Abu-Rub, Mohamed Saad Saad, Essam Aboul-Zahab
14:20-14:40 ID: 718 Sensored Control for High-Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines
Tareq El-Hasan, Mahmood Elnasser
14:40-15:00 ID: 602 Structural Influences on d-q Axis Inductance of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines
Ni Ronggang, Chai Feng
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Electrical Machines and Drives                                                                                  Session Chairs: Sandor F. Beretka/Halil Ibrahim Bulbul
15:20-15:40 ID: 359 Design of a Magnetically Geared PM Machine
Stiaan Gerber, Rong-Jie Wang
15:40-16:00 ID: 368 An Electronic Differential System Using Fuzzy Logic Speed Controlled In-Wheel Brushless DC Motors
Hakan Kahveci , Halil Ibrahim Okumus, Mehmet Ekici
16:00-16:20 ID: 396 Cost Effective Current Control and Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction in Brushless DC Motor Drives
Mohammad Bagher, Bannae Sharifian, Mohsen Ebadpour, Ali Vafamehr
16:20-16:40 ID: 442 Co-Simulation Study on BLDC Motor Drive System Based on Multisim and LabVIEW
Murat Sahin, Halil İbrahim Bülbül, Zafer Esen, Uraz Yavanoglu, İlhami Çolak
16:40-17:00 ID: 586 Cúk Converter with PMDC Motor Driving and Using PI, PID, Fuzzy Logic Controllers Dynamic Performance Comparison
Hilmi Zenk, Adem Sefa Akpinar
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Kehribar-A
Power System                                                                                         Session Chairs: Hamidreza Hajimirzaalian/Nadir Kabache
13:00-13:20 ID: 139 Powerful reactive power compensation of a very large electric arc furnace
Rolf Grünbaum, Per Ekstrom, Anna-Åsa Hellstrom
13:20-13:40 ID: 140 Analysis of Power Quality Problems of Coreless Induction Melting Furnace with Exact Simulation Model Based on Field Measurements
Adnan Tan, Tugce Demirdelen, K: Çağatay Bayındır, Mehmet Tümay
13:40-14:00 ID: 239 Study and Characterization of the Transient Electromagnetic Field Radiated by Lightning
DIB Djalel, Labar Hocine
14:00-14:20 ID: 271 Modeling and Analysis of a Nonlinear Adaptive Filter Control for Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner
Tahsin Koroğlu, Mustafa Inci, K. Çağatay Bayındır, Mehmet Tümay
14:20-14:40 ID: 296 Diagnostic and Filtering of Harmonic Distortion Generated by Compact Fluorescent Lights
Hamza Houassine, Samir Moulahoum, Nadir Kabache
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Power System                                                                                                        Session Chairs: Azeddine Draou/Kamil Dursun
15:20-15:40 ID: 310 The Orthogonal Hilbert-Huang Transform Application in Voltage Flicker Analysis
Yasemin Onal, Umit Cigdem Turhal
15:40-16:00 ID: 229 Application of Adaptive Kalman Filter in Voltage Sag Detection
Zhou Zhenhua, Wei Min, Lacheng Pang, Yongchang Fu, Chi Xiang 
16:00-16:20 ID: 677 Research on Channel Noise of the MV Power Line Considering the LV Feedback Noise
Zhiyuan Xie, Fenfen Dong, Lei Luo, Shengxiang Deng, Wangbin Cao
16:20-16:40 ID: 27 Transformer Differential Protection Based on the 3D Current Trajectory Mass Center
Vitor Fernão Pires, Alberto Cabral, Manuel Guerreiro
16:40-17:00 ID: 145 Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays using Intelligent Technique
Muhammad Ansari, M. A. Abido
17:00-17:20 ID: 373 Using UPFC and IPFC Devices Located by a Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Approach to Congestion Relief
Hamid.Iranmanesh , M.Rashidi-Nejad , S.R.Hadian-Amrei 
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Opal-B
Renewable Energy                                                                                     Session Chairs: Hector Zelaya De La Parra/N.Amutha
13:00-13:20 ID: 558 Two-Sided Concentration System For Vertical P-N Junction Solar Cells
Victor V. Simakin, Aleksander Smirnov, Igor I. Tyukhov
13:20-13:40 ID: 579 Study of Bifurcation in Stand-alone Photovoltaic System
Mohamed Benmadani Debbat, Abdelali El Aroudi
13:40-14:00 ID: 676 A Photovoltaic System Model For Matlab/Simulink Simulations
Cemal Keles, B. Baykant Alagoz, Murat Akcin, Asim Kaygusuz, Abdulkerim Karabiber
14:00-14:20 ID: 207 Effect of Modeling of Induction Generator Based Wind Generating Systems on CCT
N.Amutha, B. Kalyan Kumar
14:20-14:40 ID: 682 MPPT Based Fuzzy Controller for Photovoltaic System
Lalouni Sofia, Djamila Rekioua
14:40-15:00 ID: 706 Improvement of a 3 Cells Inverter From 4 to 8 Levels Applied to a Photovoltaic Energy Conversion
Kelaiaia, Mounia Samira
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Renewable Energy                                                                                              Session Chairs: Ajay Kumar Morya/M. Bahri
15:20-15:40 ID: 37 A New Approach to Asymmetric-Symmetric Supply of Multilevel Inverters Used In Photovoltaic Energy Systems
Abdulvehhab Kazdalioglu, Bekir Cakir, Kutay Is, Aziz Guneroglu
15:40-16:00 ID: 97 Space Vector Modulated Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter for Grid Integration Of Large scale Photovoltaic Power Plants
Ajay Kumar Morya, Anshuman Shukla
16:00-16:20 ID: 53 Optimal Sizing Design of Stand-alone Photovoltaic/Wind Generator Systems Using Genetic Algorithms
I. Tegani, A. M. Becherif, M.Y. Ayad, O. Kraa, M. Bahri, O. Akhrif
16:20-16:40 ID: 423 Emission Aware Energy Trading by Coordinating Thermal and Wind Power Generation
G. M. Asim Akhtar, Ali T. Al-Awami
16:40-17:00 ID: 415 Control and Simulation of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System with Battery Storage
Lalouni Sofia, Djamila Rekioua 
17:00-17:20 ID: 211 Sea Wave Energy Extraction By Linear Induction Generator
Mahmood Hosseini Aliabadi 
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Lapis
Power System                                                                                          Session Chairs: Francisco A. S. Neves/Carlo Brancucci Martínez
13:00-13:20 ID: 397 A New Method for Phasor Estimation in Numerical Protective Relays Based on Generalized Delayed Signal Cancelation Filtering
Roberto F. Dias Filho, Francisco A. S. Neves, Maherbson A. Carvalho Arcanjo, Marcelo C. Cavalcanti
13:20-13:40 ID: 421 Matlab/GUI Based Basic Design Principles of PID Controller in AVR
M. Baha Bayram, Halil Ibrahim Bulbul, Celal Can, Ramazan Bayindir
13:40-14:00 ID: 671 Oil and Winding Temperature Control in Power Transformers
Kamil Dursun
14:00-14:20 ID: 201 A New Fuzzy Earth Fault Location Algorithm for Series Compensated Transmission Lines
Hassan Meyar-Naimi
14:20-14:40 ID: 205 Cross-Border Electricity Transmission Capacity for Network Reliability
Carlo Brancucci Mart´ınez-Anido, Laurens de Vries, Ricardo Bolado Lavin
14:40-15:00 ID: 392 Current Controller Based on Space Vector Discrete Fourier Transform for Three-Phase Inverters
Maherbson A. C. Arcanjo, Francisco A. S. Neves, Gustavo M. S. Azevedo and Roberto F. D. Filho
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Power System                                                                                           Session Chairs: Christian Paetz/Stefan Schmuelling
15:20-15:40 ID: 294 A Model for the Analysis of Overvoltage in Power Distribution Network Including the TLM Method
Thair I. Abdel Hamid. Mustafa, Hugo D. Almaguer, Luiz Henrique Meyer, Marcos Telló and Jose De Anchieta Júnior, Sergio Henrique Cabral, Johann Baader
15:40-16:00 ID: 437 Modelling of Thermal Power Plants Reliability
Janusz Buchta, Andrzej Oziemski
16:00-16:20 ID: 102 Improving Power System Transient Stability with Optimal Allocation and Controller Design of SVC Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Sahand Ghavidel, Mohammad Mardaneh, Mohsen Gitizadeh, Abdolrahman Ramezani
16:20-16:40 ID: 112 A New Robust Multi-Machine Power System Stabilizer Design Using Quantitative Feedback Theory
Mohammad Reza Ismaili, Amin Khodabakhshian, Payam Ghaebi Panah, Sahand Azizkhani
16:40-17:00 ID: 113 New Coordinated Design of SVC and PSS for Multi-machine Power System Using BF-PSO Algorithm
Mohammad Reza Ismaili, Rahmat Allah Hooshmand, Payam Ghaebi Panah, Sahand Azizkhani, Moein Parastegari
17:00-17:20 ID: 7 Application of Sliding Mode Control Theory In Design of Power System Stabilizer
Amin Rajabi, Amin Emanian
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Topaz
Power Electronics                                                                                         Session Chairs: Khaled H. Ahmed/Gianluca Ippoliti
13:00-13:20 ID: 491 Current Sensorless Solution for PFC Boost Converter with Passivity-Based and Sliding Mode Control
Gionata Cimini, Gianluca Ippoliti, Giuseppe Orlando, Matteo Pirro
13:20-13:40 ID: 26 A Simple Current Control Strategy for Two-Level Four-Leg Inverters: The Model Predictive Approach
Marco Rivera, Jose Rodriguez, Venkata Yaramasu, Bin Wu
13:40-14:00 ID: 119 A Simple Predictive Current Control of a Single-Phase Matrix Converter
Marco Rivera, Javier Munoz, Carlos Baier, Jose Rodriguez, Jose Espinoza, Venkata Yaramasu, Bin Wu, Patric Wheeler
14:00-14:20 ID: 159 Predictive Current Control in a Current Source Inverter Operating with Low Switching Frequency
Marco Rivera, S. Kouro, Jose Rodriguez, Bin Wu, Venkata Yaramasu, Jose Espinoza, Pedro Melin
14:20-14:40 ID: 424 Predictive Voltage Control of Phase-Controlled Series-Parallel Resonant Converter
Ahmed Aboushady, Khaled H. Ahmed, Grain P. Adam, Barry W. Williams
14:40-15:00 ID: 141 Pulse Shaping and Impedance Matching of High Voltage High Pulse Power Supply using FPGA
Krishna Kumar Rai, P.N. Tengli, Ashish Rai, Babulal Kumhar, Mangleshwar Oraon
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Power Electronics                                                                                                              Session Chairs: Vaclav Kus/Ilya Galkin
15:20-15:40 ID: 166 Harmonic Currents Generated by the Voltage-Source Active Rectifier
Vaclav Kus, Tereza Josefova, Petr Bilik
15:40-16:00 ID: 545 Tapped-Inductor Converter for Dimmable LED Driver
Ilya Galkin, Olegs Tetervenoks
16:00-16:20 ID: 572 Power Electronics Voltage Regulators for Distribution Transformers
Fransisco V. Lima, Sonia F. Pinto, Jose F. Silva
16:20-16:40 ID: 526 Application of The Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) In The Analysis of The Reliability of The İnverters
Ismahane Mahdi, Becharia Nadji
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Kuvars
Electrical Machines and Drives                                                                           Session Chairs: Stefan Schmuelling/G. M. Asim Akhtar
13:00-13:20 ID: 524 Design and Evaluation of a Disc-Type Magnetically Geared PM Wind Generator
Rong-Jie Wang, Lodewyk Br¨onn, Stiaan Gerber, P. M. Tlali
13:20-13:40 ID: 328 Comparative Study of PMSM and SRM Capabilities
Abdelkader Lebsir, Ammar Bentounsi, Redjem Rebbah, Seltan Belakehal, Mohamed E.H. Benbouzid
13:40-14:00 ID: 147 Start-up Performance of Very Large Synchronous Generators
Stefan Schmuelling, Sven Exnowski
14:00-14:20 ID: 649 Steady-State Synchronous Machine Model which Incorporates Saturation and Cross-Magnetization Effects
Zlatko Hanic, Mario Vrazic, Zlatko Maljkovic
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Electrical Machines and Drives                                                                           Session Chairs: Silviano Rafael/Raif Bayir
15:20-15:40 ID: 330 Design and Implementation of Switched Reluctance Motor Driver for Industrial Controller
Ali Uysal, Raif Bayir
15:40-16:00 ID: 457 Analysis, Design And Simulation of Switched Reluctance Motors
Mahmood Nagrial, Wadah Aljaism, Jamal Rizk
16:00-16:20 ID: 481 An Adaptive PID Speed Controller for an 8/6 Switched Reluctance Machine
Silviano Rafael, Paulo J.Santos, Armando J. Pires
16:20-16:40 ID: 54 Energy Management Based on Flatness Approach and Applied to Batteries/Supercapacitors Hybrid Source for Electric Traction
M. Benaouadj, A. Aboubou, R. Saadi, M.Y. Ayad, M. Becherif, M. Bahri, Ouassima Akhrif
16:40-17:00 ID: 233 Design and Analysis of a New 4 by 4 Five Layer Switched Reluctance Motor
Alireza Siadatan, Ebrahim Afjei, Mehran Rafiee
17:00-17:20 ID: 235 The Most Efficient Sensorless Control Technique Selection for Switched Reluctance Motor
Maryam Bahramgiri, Alireza Siadatan, Mehram Rafiee, Rana Moeini
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Turkuaz
Instrumentations, Measurements and Data Communications                                        Session Chairs: Hamit Erdem/Furkan Dundar
13:00-13:20 ID: 263 Distance Relay Reliability Enhancement Using PMU Based Power Swing Detector
Abderrahmane Ouadi, Mahfoud Chafai, Hamid Bentarzi
13:20-13:40 ID: 470 An MV Distribution Automation System and Its Assessment in Light of the Smart Grid Vision
Dogan Gezer,  Suleyman Uludag
13:40-14:00 ID: 674 Fundamental Frequency and Interharmonic Estimation by Differential Evolution-Least Squares Based Hybrid Algorithm
Emre Öner Tartan, Hamit Erdem 
14:00-14:20 ID: 721 Possibilities and Limitations of Measuring the Energy of Direct Solar Radiation
Sreten Škuletić, Vladan Radulović, Ivan Stešević
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Electrical Vehicles                                                                                             Session Chairs: Bingsen Wang/Farid Khoucha
15:20-15:40 ID: 452 An Improved MPPT Interleaved Boost Converter for Solar Electric Vehicle Application
Farid Khoucha, A. Benrabah, O. Herizi, Mohamed E.H. Benbouzid, A. Kheloui
15:40-16:00 ID: 135 Iron Losses of a Linear Generator for a Hybrid Vehicle Concept
Frank Rinderknecht
16:00-16:20 ID: 149 Vibro-Acoustic Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Ghamrawi Salim, Bennouna Ouadie, Hoblos Ghaleb
16:20-16:40 ID: 276 High Impedance Grounding for Onboard Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Chargers
Babak Farhangi, Hamid Toliyat, Ammon Balaster 
16:40-17:00 ID: 590 Quantitative Evaluation for Reliability of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain
Yantao Song,  Bingsen Wang
17:00-17:20 ID: 712 Mixed H/H Approach to Detect Fault in Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle
D. Habibinia, Mohammed Bagher Bannae Sharifian, Y.N. Sarem, M.J. Khosrovjerdi, Mohsen Abadpour
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Aquamarin
Renewable Energy                                                                                         Session Chairs: Farid Khoucha/Sevki Demirbas
13:00-13:20 ID: 70 Energy Efficient Inverters for Wind Energy Applications
Yogesh Patel, Adel Nasiri
13:20-13:40 ID: 11 Maximum Power Extraction from Wind Energy System Based on Fuzzy Logic Control
Ali Eltamaly, Hassan Farh
13:40-14:00 ID: 24 Active and Reactive Power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Using Direct Power Control Technique
Sevki Demirbas, Sertac Bayhan
14:00-14:20 ID: 175 Wind Parks – Hydro Pumping Coordinated Operation: Application to the Portuguese System
Pedro Mendes, Rui Castro, J.M. Ferreira de Jesus
14:20-14:40 ID: 198 Short-Term Wind Farm Power Forecasting with Numerical Weather Prediction
Mauricio Sperandio, Adir A. B. Ferreira, Marcelo R. Moraes, Antonio O. Goulart
14:40-15:00 ID: 673 Mechanical Wind Pumping System in Tunisia
Mustapha Elamouri, Fathi Ben Amar
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Renewable Energy                                                                                         Session Chairs: Konstantin Kryukov/Ramazan Bayindir
15:20-15:40 ID: 566 Induction Machine Based Flywheel Energy Storage System Associated to Wind Power Conversion System to Improve Wind Power Quality
Seifeddiene A. Belfedhal, Elmadjid Berkouk, Selmane Kouadria, Youcef Meslem
15:40-16:00 ID: 636 Wind Energy in Egypt Assessment and Analyzing Penetration Impact on Grid Frequency
Ayman Taha B. Attya, Thomas Hartkopf
16:00-16:20 ID: 398 Maximum Power Point Tracker for Wind Energy Generation Systems using Matrix Converters
Luiz P. Afonso, Sonia F. Pinto, Jose F. Silva
16:20-16:40 ID: 370 Very Short Term Pitch Angle Optimization in Wind Turbines: A Machine Learning Approach
Mehmet Yesilbudak, Ersan Kabalci, Seref Sagiroglu, Ilhami Colak
16:40-17:00 ID: 379 Modulated Direct Torque Control (MHDTC) of Induction Machines Applied to Wind Electrical conversion System
Djamila Rekioua, Toufik Rekioua, Radia Abdelli 
17:00-17:20 ID: 467 Control and Power Management of a Three-Level NPC Converter for Grid Connection of a Storage Integrated Wind Power Station
Bouhali Omar, Tarek Ghennam, Talha Abdelaziz, Bruno Francois
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Ametis
Power System                                                                                Session Chairs: Benedikt Schmuelling/Payam Farhadi
13:00-13:20 ID: 344 Application of Monte Carlo Method for Probabilistic Assessment of Electric Power System Small–Signal Stability
Konstantin Gerasimov, Yoncho Kamenov, Krum Gerasimov, Nikolay Nikolaev
13:20-13:40 ID: 459 The Method to Create Transmission Lines and Increase the Power System Stability by Using Interconnection System Model
Hartono Hartono, Ming-Tse Kuo 
13:40-14:00 ID: 335 Decentralized Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Excitation Stabilizer Control of Multi-machine Power Systems
Seddik Benahdouga, Djamel Boukhetala , Farès Boudjema, Riadh Khenfer, Mounir Meddad                                              
14:00-14:20 ID: 593 Fuzzy Control Performance on Unified Power Flow Controller to Increase Power System Stability
Payam Farhadi, Mohsen Ziaei, Mostafa Bayati, Ehsan Ramezani, Tina Sojoudi
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Instrumentations, Measurements and Data Communications                                          Session Chairs: Nor Asiah Muhamed/Yasin Khan
15:20-15:40 ID: 503 Switching Effect in Polarization and Depolarization Current (PDC) Measurement System
Nur Faizal Kasri, Mohamed Afendi Mohamed Piah, Abubakar A. Suleiman, Nor Asiah Muhamed, Nor Akmal Mohd Jamail, Rubiatul Addawiyah Zainir
15:40-16:00 ID: 105 System Integrity Protection and Control Based on Synchronized Measurements
Srdjan Skok, Vedran Kirincic, Dalibor Brnobic, Zdeslav Cerina, Hrvoje Bulat
16:00-16:20 ID: 30 Improving Safety of Cable Networks by Modeling Deflectors of Cable Accessories
Nebojsa Raicevic, Sasa Ilic, Slavoljub Aleksic, Radisa Dimitrijevic
16:20-16:40 ID: 39 Simulation of Data Communication in Wide Area Networks Employing Phasor Measurment Units
Abdelmadjid Recioui, Abderrahmane Ouadi, Hamid Bentarzi
16:40-17:00 ID: 40 Measurement of Magnetic Field of 132 kV and 380 kV Power Lines in Riyadh Area and its Effects on Health
Abdulaziz A. AlSulaiman, Ahmed M. Attiya
Date: 16 May 2013 Afternoon                                                                                                                HALL:  Mercan-B
Electrical Machines and Drives                                                                Session Chairs: Michael Thomas Ratcliffe/Abdul Rahim Herlina
13:00-13:20 ID: 291 The Traction Drive of the Experimental Rail Vehicle
Radovan Doleček, Ondřej Černý, Petr Sýkora, Jan Pidanič, Zdeněk Němec
13:20-13:40 ID: 498 Calculation and Analysis of Forces on Windings in the Transformers - The Effect of Tap Winding Configurations
Guven Komurgoz, Tayfun Gundogdu
13:40-14:00 ID: 395 Efficiency and Cost Optimization of a Micro-Inverter Transformer
Umut Guvengir, Mustafa Deniz, Zaid Al-Otaibi, Saeed Al-Zahrani, Hisham Shafei, Omar Almokaiteeb, Fahd Alanaza
14:00-14:20 ID: 64 Experimental diagnostics measurements of Power Transformers in Industry
Said Grouni, Abderrazak Aibeche, Hamza Akroum
14:20-14:40 ID: 218 Parameter Determination of a Rosen Type Piezoelectric Transformer Operating in Second Mode
Faiza Boukazouha, Poulin-Vittrant Guylaine, Tran-Huu-hue Louis Pascal, Lethiecq Marc , Boubenider Fouad , Rguiti Mohamed 
14:40-15:00 ID: 301 Design and Implementation a Microcontroller based High Power Ultrasonic Dispersion System with self Frequency adjusting property
Abbaszadeh Javad, Esmaeil Najafi Aghdam, Abdul Rahim Herlina, Abdul Rahim Ruzairi, Sahar Sarafi 
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
Presentation of De Lorenzo
15:20-15:40 Presentation of De Lorenzo
POSTERS   16.05.2013                                                                                                                   Session Chairs: Yasin Khan/Orhan Kaplan
ID: 497 A Study of the Electromagnetic Environment in the Vicinity of High-Voltage Lines
Abdesselam Babouri,   W. Tourab, M. Nemamcha
ID: 499 Frequency Bifurcation Study of an Inductive Power Transmission System
Sarp G. Cimen, Benedikt Schmuelling
ID: 500 Study of Predictive Control Generalized by Using an Inverter Five Levels Structure NPC Application for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines+C180
Bentchikou Brahim, Djamel Boukhetala, Farès Boudjema, Noureddine Ould-Cherchali
ID: 506 Residual Fault Currents and Recovery Voltages Under Microcomputer Based Restructurable Control of Balanced UHV Lines
Abdul Aziz Bhatti
ID: 509 Asynchronous Performance of Synchronous Machines - Determination of the Current Distribution in the Damper Windings
João Marcus Pereira Lima e Silva, Luiz Antonio Magnata da Fonte
ID: 512 An Assessment on the Current Critical Energy Infrastructure (Electricity) in Turkey
Nuray Dedeoglu Sanli, Attila Özgit
ID: 525 Computer Modeling of the Energy Characteristics of A Mirror Solar Power Station
Temirkhan Koishiyev
ID: 527 Determination of the Effect of Conductive Disk Thickness on Braking Torque for a Low Power Eddy Current Brake
Mehmet Gulbahce, Derya Kocabas, Ahmet Atalay
ID: 529 A New Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Sizing and Placement Enhancement of Distributed Generation
Hossein Faraji, Hamidreza Hajimirzaalian, Farsam Farzadpour, Mahdi Mozaffari Legha 
ID: 530 Neuro-Fuzzy Modelling and Control Balance of a Greenhouse Climate Application to the Tomato
Charaf Eddine Lachouri, Khaled Mansouri , Mohamed Mourad Lafifi
ID: 532 Simulation of a Multi-Agent System for Residential Load Imbalance Reduction
Sandor F. Beretka, Ervin D. Varga
ID: 534 Dynamic Characteristics of a DFIG wind Turbine Connected to the Transmission Power System of Republic of Macedonia
Blagoja Stevanoski, Mile Spiroski, Mile Joncevski
ID: 536 Development of User Panel for Polarization and Depolarization Current (PDC) Measurement Analysis of High Voltage (HV) Machine Insluation System
Raviatul Addawiyah Zainir, Nor Asiah Muhamad, Nor Akmal Mohd Jamail, Mohamed Afendi Mohamed Piah, Abubakar Suleiman, N. F. Kasr
ID: 546 PDU Test Lab - Reliability Evaluation of Power Distribution Units
Daniel Fross, Marko Roessler, Christian Paetz, Ulrich Heinkel
ID: 547 MATLAB simulation Model to Executive SHE-PWM Technique
Matam Manjunath, Anudevi Samuel
ID: 554 Dynamic Response of SCIG with Direct Grid Connection
Mehimmedetsi Boudjemaa, Chenni Rachid
ID: 567 Modeling of Power Transformer Winding Faults for Interpretation of Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) Measurements
Almas Shintemirov
ID: 571 Diagnosis System for NPP systems – Case Study Primary Heat Transport System
Magdalena Vlad, Monica Cucu , Razvan Popovici, Mihai Popescu, Claudia Popescu 
ID: 576 Study and Simulation of Active Filtering of Harmonic by Method of Synchronous Reference Frame
Sid Ahmed Tadjer, Idir Habi, Becharia Nadji, F. Khelifi
ID: 588 Robust Speed Sensorless Fuzzy Control of the Induction Machine Drive with Adaptation of the Rotor Time Constant Supplied by Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Abdelkader Larabi,  A. Amrane,  Mohamed S. Boucherit
ID: 591 Introducing the Hybrid-DGA Interpretation Software as an Effective Power Transformer Management Tool
Abubakar A. Suleiman, Nor Asiah Muhamad, Nouruddeen Bashir, Ali Saeed Alghamdi
ID: 592 Impacts of PV installation on the Low Voltage Distribution Networks: A case Study of Yıldız
Faik Tursun, Mohamed Salah Smiai, Cem Sahin, Dogan Gezer
ID: 595 Single Phase VSI With Reduced-Size DC-Link Capacitor
Bingsen Wang, Yantao Song
ID: 597 MPPT Techniques for PV Systems
Dalila Beriber,  Abdelaziz Talha
ID: 598 Optimal Design of Geometrical Parameters of Permanent Magnet Machines in the Purpose to Reduce Its Vibratory Behavior
Nassira Ferkha, Peyraut Francois, Mekideche Mohamed Rachid, Miraoui Abdellatif, Djerdir Abdesslem , Abdoul Ousman N-Diay
ID: 605 Dynamic Simulation of the Double-Stator Induction Electromechanical Converter with Ferromagnetic Rotor
Zablodskij Nikolaj, Pliugin Vladyslav, Fligl Stanislav, Lettl Jiri
ID: 607 Multi-Objective Optimal Design of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Wheel Motor for Electric Scooters
Yee-Pien Yang, Po-Chang Hung
ID: 612 Performances of DTC System Fed by a Three-Level NPC VSI
Iqbal Messaïf, El Madjid Berkouk, Nadia Saadia
ID: 616 Shunt Active Power Filter Connected to a Photovoltaic Array for Compensating Harmonics and Reactive Power Simultaneously
Rachid  Belaidi, Mustpha Hatti, Ali Haddouche, M. Mghezzi Larafi
ID: 627 Halbach Array Variations on Bldc Motor under Magnet Constraint
Ferit Guler, Lale Ergene,  Cihat Ekin
ID: 628 Performance Analysis of Brushless Direct Current Motors with Solid Exterior Rotor
Efe Turhan, Lale Ergene, Cihat Ekin
ID: 637 An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System of DTCIM
Fethia Hamidia, Abdelkader Larabi, Mohamed Seghir Boucherit
ID: 639 Fault Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bar in the Induction Motor (Implementation of Prony Analysis)
Bennedjai Soumaya, Bouras Slimane
ID: 640 Reference Signals Generation for Active Power Filter Compensation Using Mathematical Morphology
Almas Shintemirov
ID: 648 A High Efficient Driver Design for LED Lighting System
Orhan Kaplan, Fatih Issi, Mustafa Ersan
ID: 653 Electric and Thermal Characterization of Advanced Hybrid Li-Ion Capacitor Rechargeable Energy Storage System
Noshin Omar, Monzer Al Sakka, Joeri Van Mierlo, Peter Van den Bossche, Hamid Gualous, Jelle Smekens
ID: 656 Supercapacitor Characterization for Electric Vehicle Applications
Hamid Gualous, Mamadou B. Camara, Bertrand Boudrad, Roland Gallay, Braima Dakyo
ID: 657 Monte Carlo Simulation for Delay Estimation of Substation Automation Based on Zigbee
Hamdy Saleh Khalil Elgohary, Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Hassan Abdelrahman,  Khaled EL Bahrawy, Mohamed Ibrahim Sabry
ID: 661 An Improved Synchronization Algorithm for OFDM Based Powerline Communication
Zhi-yuan Xie, Lei Luo, Fen-fen Dong, Sheng-xiang Deng, Wang-bin Cao
ID: 664 Comparision of Multi-Carrier Techniques in Seven-Level Asymmetric Cascade Multilevel Inverter
Ilhami Colak, Ersan Kabalci, Gokhan Keven
ID: 687 Power Quality Control Strategy for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Sources using PV Array, Wind Turbine and Battery+C186
Labed Djamel, Boucetta Abdallah
ID: 689 Enhancement of the Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems
Konstantin Kryukov, Alexander Kruglov 
ID: 693 BLDC Motor Power Control Techniques Appraisal & Novel Current Control Technique
Michael Thomas Ratcliffe, Kelum Akurugoda Gamage
ID: 696 Fuzzy Controllers For Rotor Field Oriented Control
S. Lekhchine,  Youcef Soufi, Tahar Bahi
ID: 698 Control of Machine PMSG Dedicated to the Conversion of Wind Power Off-Grid
A. Harrouz, A. Benatiallah, O. Harrouz
ID: 707 Fuzzy Logic Control for Vector Control Six Phase Induction Machines
T. Bahi, S. Lekhchine, Youcef Soufi, Hichem Merabet
ID: 719 Design and Implementation of OFDM Transceiver System Using M-PSK Encoding Techniques
H. O. Qrabil, Fereda A.  Elmaryami, Amer R. Zerek
ID: 720 Value Added Service for Mobile Communications
Ahamd . M. Salem, Elajaili  A. Elhingary, Amer R.  Zerek
ID: 241 Estimation of Particle Initiated PD Inception Voltage around Spacer in GIS
Firmansyah Nur Budiman, Yasin Khan, Abderrahmane Beroual, Aabdulrehman Ali Al-Arainy, Nazar H. Malik
ID: 548 Energy and Exergy Analysis of Hybrid System (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell– Gas Turbine), and Used It in Performance Enhancement of Misurata Gas Turbine
Yussef Awin
ID: 606 "Evaluation of Biomass in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"
Mohammad Sadiq
ID: 668 Power Electronics Converter Based DC Motor Speed Variation Methods
Bousmaha Bouchiba, Hazzab Adeldjbar , Hachemi Glaoui , Ismail Bouserhanne 
ID: 705 Wind Farm Generators Connected to a Distorted Power Grid Energy
Labar Hocine 
ID: 715 A Feedback Linearization Approach to Fault Tolerance in Quadrotor UAV
Bouguerra Abderrahmen, Saigaa Djamel, Kara Kamel
ID: 717 Determination of the Optimal Hour and Annual Coefficient of District Heating in Depending on the Type of Fuel in Boiler Plant
Šefik M. Bajmak
Date: 16 May 2013 All Day                                                                                                   HALL:  Opal A
Workshop on Joint Collaboration of World Universities and Institutions
09:30-11:15 Registration
11:15-12:00 Opening speeches
Prof. Dr. Seref SAGIROGLU, Workshop Chairman
Prof. Dr. Can BALAS, International Office, Gazi University, Turkey,
Prof. Dr. Süleyman BÜYÜKBERBER, President of Gazi University
12:00-13:00 LUNCH BREAK
13:00-15:00 Session for Universities/Institutions
Nagasaki University, Japan, Prof. Dr. Fujio KUROKAWA
Aston University, UK, Prof. Dr. Sudhir JAIN
University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, USA, Prof. Dr. Adel NASIRI
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, Prof. Dr. Jian-Xin SHEN
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, Prof. Dr. Takaharu TAKESHITA
Comillas Pontifical University, Prof. Dr. Migual A. Sanz BOBI, Barcelona, Spain
University of Le Havre, France, Prof. Dr. Brayima DAKYO
James Cook University Townsville, Australia, Prof. Dr. Ahmad ZAHEDI
University of Tébessa, Algeria, Prof. Dr.Youcef SOUFI
University of Sevilla, Spain, Prof. Dr. Leopoldo G. FRANQUELO
Florida Atlantic University, USA, Prof. Dr. Ali ZILOUCHIAN
Aalborg University, Denmark, Prof. Dr. Frede BLAABJERG,
University of Palermo, Italy, Prof. Dr. Rosario MICELI, 
15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK
15:20-17:30 University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Prof. Dr. Vladimir KATIC
Wayne State University, USA, Prof. Dr. Chen XUEWEN
University of Nova, Lisboa, Portugal, Prof. Dr. Luis GOMES,
University of Udine, Italy, Prof. Dr. Andrea M. TONELLO
Royal Military College of Canada, Canada, Prof. Dr. Rachid BEGUENANE
University of Sfax, Tunisia, Prof. Dr. Eng. Ahmed MASMOUDI
Institute of Technology, India, Prof. Dr. Mukul CHANDORKAR
University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA, Prof. Giri VENKATARAMANAN
University of Dubrovnik, Croatia, Prof. Dr. Marija MIROŠEVIĆ
Oakland University, USA, Prof. Dr. Ishwar K. SETHI
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Prof. Dr. Sergey RYVKIN
Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland, Prof. Dr. Piotr KOLODZIEJEK
University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, Canada, Prof. Dr. M. L. DOUMBIA
University of Pitesti, Romania, Prof. Dr. Silviu IONITA
Queen’s University, Canada, Professor Praveen K. JAIN
Djelfa University, Algeria, Assoc. Professor Kouzou ABDELLAH
17:30-18:00 Closing and Signing MoU